Welcome to my website

I am a fervent Photographer.

Photography is my hobby and interest; it is my pleasure to help people capture their most important and wonderful memories of their lives. I provide free photography service in my spare time. I welcome friends of the New York area to e-mail me and make an appointment.

Since 1985, I have pursued the art of the photography with other fervent photographers in the New York City area. After several years of strengthening my craft, I won two awards in the 1989 "NYPA" photography competition: First Prize and Award of Excellence. I have also received numerous awards in different institutions, occasions and photography competitions.



I provide photography for wedding.
Including outdoor and indoor shooting.

Engagement, Bridal Showers.

Family photos, Group photos.

Party and Restaurant photography.

I do not provide wedding dresses and outfits .



I provide photography for all events.

Organization Party.

Corporate Anniversary.

Inauguration. Baby Showers.

Graduation Ceremony.

Presentation Ceremony.

Any Kind of Photography


I provide any kind of photography.

Capture your most important memories.

Digital image manipulation.
Photo Art production.

Photography performance.

Old and New photos digital fix.