Ron's Photography

I provide any kind of photography.

Photography is my hobby and interest; it is my pleasure to help people capture their most important and wonderful memories of their lives. I provide free photography service in my spare time.

Email me: ron4yu@yahoo.com

Ron's Web Design

Design and create web pages, set up the website. Media production.

Email me: ron4yu@yahoo.com



Ron's Flash Creation

Flash Logo, advertising and webpage. Make MTV / KTV .

Email me: ron4yu@yahoo.com




Customer Comments

Eva and Kelvin

Thank you for your free service.
We love the pictures very much, It's give us such as a beautiful life and wonderful memories. You capture our most important moment. Thank you once again.



Ron. Thank you very much.
I really appereciate you long time for support me. The production of MTV / KTV are great, I like them.



Thanks, Ron
You created and designed our website, it is very nice. We can learn eachother through the internet and welcome everybody join us.