Photography Tips


Many amateur photographer need to semi-manual / manual setting mode into fully automatic mode, plus not proficient in the basic skills of the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, so the photo shoot out unsatisfactory, then there is the way to quickly enhance the photography skill.


First of all, we have to choose a good photo composition and attractions, as much as possible not to be the theme on the photo center position (figure Sharon except for advertising goods or other), you want to keep a quarter of the space such as sky, walls or static color.

Use of color contrast

If you find two strongly contrasting color objects, may wish to take a few, because of the strong color contrast can clearly bring out the theme, so the screen is useful impulse force.

Appropriate trade-offs

The problem is most likely to commit a beginner "greedy", and would like to see all into the photo shoot, but it would be photos too complex, messy, and the lack of a clear theme, but failed to let readers see the subject you want to express. So the first rule is to know how to choose, to make appropriate omitted and cutting, do not have both fish and bear's paw, photo theme will become prominent.

Primary and secondary should be clear

The main protagonist, the main photographer most want to express something, and "times" is a supporting role, to costume the presence of the protagonist. In the photos we can use foreground, middle ground and background coupled with the depth of field, distance, location, color, etc. to achieve the primary and secondary distinct, so that readers have a deep impression.

Note that the depth of field

In most cases would also like large aperture can be made ​​into a shallow depth of field and a small aperture can be made ​​into a deep depth of field, shooting landscapes sharp scene, the aperture is F / 8 or smaller (such as F/16) view the scene will not make the photos within the aperture too much too shallow depth of field made ​​fuzzy.

Use appropriate ISO value

Unless the light is really too dark or too much wind to make flowers moving or shooting landscapes is best to use the lowest ISO value (such as the ISO100 or ISO200) shooting, with the tripod, so landscape to retain the details and keep sharp, shooting RAW files are also conducive for late changes.

All in all, as much as possible to use a small aperture (F / 8), low ISO value (such as ISO100 or 200), the appropriate shutter (snapped outside sunny general use 1/125 sec or 1/250 seconds), then again, using the cameras automatic or "program" format shooting will shoot a very good photo